Our Services

The quality of our service is based on getting all aspects of our customer's product right before we go into production. This can include:


Working closely with the customer/external design houses to ensure that the designs are both feasable and cost effective.

Mould Tools

We supply mould tools and undertake modifications working with a variety of toolmakers from the UK, Portugal, Malaysia and China, on tool design, manufacture and commissioning.


We will take into consideration what the product is being used for, what task it is required to perform, the environment it will be working in and the life span that is expected.


Our vast knowledge of engineering plastics and particularly PVC's of varying grades means we research and select the correct materials for the job.


We plan production to eliminate customer 'stock out' and deliver when required.


We have warehousing facilities purely to house customer stock and to assist with accurate distribution and on time in full deliveries.

Ask an Expert

If you have a question you would like to ask then please use our ask the expert facility and we will route the question internally to the expert in that area.

Injection Moulding Quote

Each job we undertake is bespoke fitting in with our clients needs and requirements. Please use our online quote request facility.


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